Dizzy Bats
Dizzy Bats
NYC/NJ-based, punk-influenced, pop rock.

11/15/18: Writing a New Record!

Hi friends! It’s been a minute. We’ve been quiet on the live shows front, but we are in the process of writing a new record which is very exciting. We played two new songs live the other night in Brooklyn, and we’re overall very stoked about our new material.

We’ll be heading out for a run of shows in January. More on that soon. Stay warm! - Connor

9/25/18: End of Summer News

Hi all! It’s been a minute since I’ve included an update. Literally a month ago to this day, we got home from a two week tour out to CO and back, with our friends in Hey Girl Slow Down. The tour was bookmarked midway by an incredible family reunion, where we got to perform for my many family members, and it was truly something special. It was a great tour overall, and I continue to be astonished by the amount of support we receive on the road, from friends, fans, and strangers.

We are currently working on writing a new record! It’s been four years since we put out an LP, and it’s time for a new, larger body of work to properly represent and display our sound. I’m extremely stoked. I’ve been working with our drummer Zach Sandel, and our bassist, Dave Ma, on a weekly basis to write and arrange these songs, and it’s been an absolute blast. We’ll be playing a few shows this fall, which will be announced shortly, but we’re mostly working on shedding some new tunage.

Thanks for everything, as always, I love you very much. <3, Connor

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7/4/18: July Weekend Tour

Heading down to Clarksville, MD for Cornchella music fest on 7/14, and will be stopping in West Chester, PA on our way down. Click for tour dates.

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We also recently did a live session with #TheBassment! See our video for "Scared" below, and search "Dizzy Bats, The Bassment" on YouTube for all videos: